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5 Reasons to Choose Azure Administrator Certification

The digital world has transformed by leaps and bounds over the past decade, with businesses moving their entire databases and IT operations over the cloud. This is mainly due to the unending list of benefits this technology provides as compared to on-premise solutions. One such solution that has gained traction significantly is Microsoft Azure, offering an all-round cloud framework to support business operations.

Microsoft has been offering cloud-based career building opportunities to IT professionals to gain knowledge and expertise in using their products for many years now. Through Microsoft Azure certification, people can learn the ropes and master how they can implement and operate the software applications within their organizations, providing them with an edge over peers.

Among different Microsoft Azure accredidations, is Azure Administrator Associate certification that allows you to obtain the knowledge and skills related to managing cloud services and ensuring its security. Before we move onto the reasons for obtaining Azure Administrator certification, you must first know what it is all about.

What is the Azure Administrator Certification?

The Microsoft Azure Administrator certification is a role-based qualification that enables IT professionals to manage a wide range of cloud services and acquire Azure networking, security, storage, and cloud computing capabilities. The certification provides validation of the ability of an IT professional to deploy, manage, maintain, and monitor Microsoft Azure solutions, like security, networking, and storage.

Completing the Azure Administrator certification provides you with a thorough understanding of cloud-based services across the business lifecycle. It also enables certified individuals to cater to different requests related to infrastructure applications, services, and environments. The professionals are also able to recommend Microsoft services to optimize the performance of a business’s IT operations, as well as adjust, monitor, scale, and provision resources. In general, the certification offers proficiency in the following areas:

  • Configure and Manage Virtual Networks
  • Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines
  • Implement and Manage Storage
  • Manage Identities
  • Manage Subscriptions and Resources

Here are some great reasons as to why you should earn the Azure Administrator certification:

Better Prospects for a Cloud-Based IT Career

The cloud has deep roots in almost all aspects of information technology., and Microsoft Azure is among the leaders offering robust cloud  solutions. According to Jefferies, Microsoft Azure has a total cloud market share of 31 percent, making it a leader within the IaaS/PaaS technology sphere. A majority of businesses today have shifted their IT load onto a cloud platform and have implemented Microsoft Azure within their public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure as part of a highly scalable, globally-distributed architecture.

To maintain your value in the IT job market, having training and certification of Microsoft Azure solutions can boost your chances of landing a high paying job. With the Azure Administrator certification, you will have the ability to manage, secure, and improve cloud-based operations, allowing you to administer the best practices within the cloud architecture of your organization.

Proficiency in Hybrid Capabilities

Microsoft Azure comes with hybrid services that provide IT professionals with the ability to handle access of organization data from any place in the world. The technology offers a comprehensive scope of hybrid associations and connections, such as Express Route, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and Content Delivery Networks (CDN), all of which are designed to improve system performance and end-user experience. This one of the areas where many other cloud technology providers are unable to match Azure, as they don’t support such protocols.

This is a huge plus for your career, allowing you to secure better opportunities at some of the top organizations. Such businesses opt for a hybrid solution with both on-premise and cloud technologies, and with the Azure Administrator certification, you will be able to implement, manage, and monitor Microsoft Azure solutions effectively.

Added Cloud Software Integration Capabilities

Since Microsoft Azure provides robust support for .Net platform, IT professionals holding this certification will be able to better manage integrations to a number of open-source technologies. These may include PHP, Java, Magento, and Linux, enabling you to work in any environment and handle cloud computing for dynamic business operations. In addition, thanks to the massive online community of Azure users on the Internet, you can get instant support and learn new techniques for better managing Azure solutions within your company.

Optimize Cloud Network Security

One of the components of Azure is Azure Security Center that allows users to initiate a business-driven security process, which can be designed or planned to your organization’s needs. The security protocol allows you to integrate Microsoft security solutions and its partners, define policies related to subscriptions, and provide a centralized view of the security status of different types of Azure resources. Having the Azure Administrator certification means that you will be able to secure cloud-based networks and storage media, ensuring optimum uptime and data accessibility to users, leading to higher operational productivity and security.

IaaS and PaaS Competency

Azure comprises of an amazing package of cloud services. PaaS enables enterprises to create their own web applications and configure their settings without having to buy a third-party solution. On the other hand, IaaS enables businesses to outsource their cloud infrastructure on Azure and make payments for all the allowance they have used support their business operations. IT professionals specializing in Azure from the accomplice group of Microsoft can provide the benefit to their organization of using Azure IaaS and PaaS to customize business applications on the cloud to speed up business development. Microsoft certified Azure administrators are able to manage and monitor both types of applications effectively, making them an important asset for enterprises working with such technologies.

Microsoft Azure is a complete cloud services solution that allows businesses to maximize the value they can get from cloud technology. Being a Microsoft certified Azure Administrator can open new avenues for career-building opportunities, allowing you to secure a better salary and learning experience for better growth within the field. It is advisable to take robust training before you take the exam to complete the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification from a renowned platform so that your chances of success are increased manifold.  

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