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4 Simple Ways to Burn More Calories and Fight Fat

Simple Ways to Burn More Calories

Burning Calories

The amount of heat energy got from food is measured using a unit called calorie. A calorie is distinct as the capacity of heat required to enlarge the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius. Actually calorie is the term related to diet and nutrition. It is the method of calculating the nutrition available in food products. Every food product has its own particular number of calories. The human body attains one pound of weight from 3500 calories of food intake. Generally each individual has to take 2,000 calories of food every day. There will be a slight variation in this quantity according to the height and weight of the individual.

Ways of burning calories

1.Increasing the metabolic rate

By burning calories, any individual can reduce the weight of the body rapidly and easily by increasing the rate of metabolism. The weight of the body of an individual does not change if he burns an equal amount of calories consumed. If an individual burns lesser amount of calories consumed, then there will be an increase in the weight of the body. By increasing the metabolic rate, an individual can reduce the weight of the body to a great extent. So the weight loss depends on knowing the metabolic rate and the ways of controlling it.

2. Muscle building

Substantial amount of calories can be burned by building the muscles in the body of an individual. Recent studies reveal that an individual can burn 50 calories a day when engaged in building the muscles through weight lifting workouts.

3. Main functions of burn calories

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) – It is the amount of calories which are burned during alive condition and not involving in any activities. An average person can burn about 60 percent of the calories.

Burning Calories for Activity – An individual can burn 30 percent of calories, if engaged in some simple activities like cleaning, washing, etc.

Dietary Thermo genesis – This is another way to burn calories. A person can burn some calories at the process of in taking, digesting, fascinating and using food.

4. Calories burn by swimming

Swimming is another efficient way of burning calories. It is the most excellent workout for the health of the heart and overall fitness of the body. Lap swimming offers non-stop and irrefutable exercise. The swimming speed of a normal health swimmer is 50 meters per minute. By swimming at the rate of 50 meters per minute, the normal swimmer with a body weight of 160 pounds can burn 511 calories per hour. A moderate pace swimmer can burn 340 calories if he swims for 40 minutes. The moderate pace varies according to the level of the fittest. Though the moderate pace swimmers swim slower, they may get similar effort to better swimmers. The calculation of calories burned depends on laps swim. This lap swim will burn mental energy as rapidly as calories. Most of the swimming exercises are based on time and levels of effort.  These parameters in swimming offer more benefits to the swimmers to burn a considerable amount of calories.

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