13 Scientifically Proven High Protein Foods to Speed Up Your Testosterone Levels


Testosterone levels start dropping with age. We all know that testosterone is an important hormone. It affects not just the reproductive system but also a number of tissues. It plays an important role in building muscle, promoting cardiovascular health, maintaining hormonal balance, as well as controlling the metabolic rate.

Well, the good news is that you can maintain the levels of testosterone by eating some foods that can help production of the hormone.

Here, we have discussed some super foods to increase your testosterone levels:

A chief constituent that must be there in your diet is healthy dietary fats. We have seen in some of our previous articles that all fats are not bad. Production of testosterone depends on fats for its structure formation. Testosterone uses fatty acids as a building block. Absence of enough fats takes a toll on the production of testosterone as can be observed in vegan or vegetarian diets.

It is not about consuming any type of fats. It is more about consuming healthy and good type of fats. You can go for grass fed meats (i.e., meat from animals who feed on grass instead of grains) for ensuring that good quality fats lead to the production of testosterone.

Grass fed meats are leaner and have high nutritional value. They also do not contain compounds that can disturb the balance of estrogen and testosterone. Apart from grass fed meat, incorporate the following foods in your diet to boost your testosterone levels:

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