11 rarest & most expensive foods in the world you need to try


People’s understanding of the phrase “expensive food” varies widely. For some it means red salmon; for others truffles. However, there’s actually a whole range of food products that have price tags you would never have imagined were possible.

Bright Side offers you the chance to take a look at the ten most expensive food products in the world.

11. Matsutake Mushrooms

The Top 11 Most Expensive Foods in the World

These mushrooms are so rare that their price now reaches as high as $600 for a single kilogram. Matsutake mushrooms are native to Japan, but they also grow in several different Asian countries. However, their number has decreased significantly due to the effects of insects and invasive trees finding their way into the shaded areas in which the mushrooms grow. Because there is no way to cultivate Matsutake mushrooms, there’s a high chance they could disappear altogether in the future.

Source: japanguidebook.com