10 Human Foods That Are Dangerous for Dogs


3.Cooked Bones

Who knew that bones could be harmful to dogs? In all the movies that we have watched while growing up, dogs have always been shown as bone-lovers.

Cooked bones are a big no-no, as the cooking process strips away most of the moisture present, making it extremely brittle. The splinters could break off easily and damage the teeth of your canine companion.

Moreover, the splinters of the bones could get lodged in their throats and cause an immense amount of trouble. The splinters could even puncture your dog’s digestive tract or his intestine. A safer and healthier option would be to offer raw bones or bone-shaped treats.

4.Apple Seeds

Did you know that apple seeds could be toxic to your dog? Yes, the casing of Apple seeds contains a natural chemical that releases cyanide when the dog digests it.

This could potentially poison your dog slowly over time and weaken his digestive system. Whenever you offer apples to your dog, always get rid of the casing along all the seeds and offer small bite-sized pieces to smaller dogs.