10 Best Chest Exercises For Building A Strong Muscle


Incline Dumbbell Pull-Over

Why it’s on the list: Forget flat-bench pull-overs; the incline version puts your chest fibers under tension for a longer range of motion! Just sit back against a bench inclined to about 45 degrees and make sure the dumbbell clears the top. Make sure you keep this a single-joint movement; don’t bend or extend at the elbows.

Remember, you should have a specific reason for each movement you complete. Pull-over exercises work the shoulder-extension movement pattern (moving the upper arm rearward), which can really torch the pecs since they’re one of the primary muscle groups involved in this action!

In your workout: Do pull-overs at the very end of your workout for sets of 12. On every set, hold the peak contraction of the last rep for a full five seconds.

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